2 November 2009

4444371 Pte John Christopher Stout, 11th Bn, Durham Light Infantry

4444371 Pte John Stout of the 11th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry died on the 2nd November 1940. He was born in Durham and enlisted there, and therefore the DLI must have been a natural choice for him.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) notes that he was the on of John Christopher and Mary Stout and the husband of Sarah Ann Stout, of Durham. He is buried in Malbork Commonwealth War Cemetery in Poland. This from the CWGC:

"The Second World War burials at Malbork are mostly of men who died while prisoners of war in the nearby camps. Stalag XXB was a camp of some size at Malbork itself, Stalag lA was situated at Stablack, between Malbork and Gdansk, Stalag 2A at Starogard, a few kilometres south of Stablack, and Stalag XXA, at Torun (Thorn), about 120 kilometres south of Malbork. When hostilities had ceased, the graves service of the British Army of the Rhine moved the graves from the local burial grounds to this war cemetery, together with other Commonwealth graves in outlying places in the area where their permanent maintenance could not be assured. The largest number came from Torun, and the next largest from burial grounds in Malbork itself and Gdansk. MALBORK COMMONWEALTH WAR CEMETERY contains 232 Second World War burials. There are also 13 First World War burials which were moved from Gdansk (Danzig) Garrison Cemetery in 1960. The cemetery also contains the MALBORK MEMORIAL, commemorating 39 First World War casualties buried in Heilsberg Prisoners of War Cemetery (changed in 1953 to Lidsbark War Cemetery) where their graves could no longer be maintained."

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.


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Commonwealth War Graves Commission

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