21 February 2015

Died in London - 21st February 1944

The following civilians all died on the 21st February 1944 as a result of enemy action on London. It would appear that some of these 24 civilians died in the line of duty. For instance, Harry Cresswell was serving with the Heavy Rescue Service; Jesse Evans was a volunteer fire-watcher; Winifred Medleycott was working for the British Red Cross Society, James McKenzie working as a fire guard, and Herbert Pill a staff sergeant with the Home Guard.

James Michael Clark aged 5
Harry Cresswell aged 41
Alfred Patrick Donoghue aged 20
Jacqueline Donoghue aged 7
Brian Evans aged 4
Jesse William Evans aged 60
George William Gooch aged 38
Audrey Mary Elaine Hine aged 65
Edward Stimpson Long aged 74
Winifred Mary Medleycott aged 54
Edith Mary Morton aged 66
Roy Leonard Mcguire aged 28
James Reid Mckenzie aged 42
Winifred Rose Nash aged 60
Martha Newton aged 43
John Osborne aged 59
Doris Louisa Penning aged 32
Herbert Ernest Pill aged 44
Sophie Pauline Plane aged 76
Fred Porter aged 50
Henry Oliver Randall aged 53
Audrey Stannard aged 11
Isobel Margaret Marion Thomas aged 39
Mary Turner aged 47

The deaths occurred across London but with six of these recorded in Hammersmith and Fulham. I am assuming that all deaths were as a result of bombing raids.  

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